Biker Sunday Events

Motorcycle ministry is very exciting and very different. One aspect of this ministry is finding ways to get bikers involved and to make them feel comfortable coming to church. Once there they will listen to the gospel, but you have to get them there first.

Biker Sunday

You may be asking yourself, “What is a Biker Sunday?” Biker Sunday is a day geared toward inviting the local biker community to church and having a service geared toward them to introduce them to the gospel. This is a very intentional event, one that is designed specifically with bikers in mind.

A Biker Sunday is an exciting way to introduce bikers to the Gospel and to your church. When done properly, these events can lead many to the Lord for the very first time; while for others it may be a re-introduction. It can be a powerful tool to win souls for Christ and to get your church involved in outreach in a new way.

Planning and considerations

Who comes to a Biker Sunday?

The answers depend on you and your church. You can be intentional and invite a certain class, type, or group of bikers or you can openly invite the entire biker community within your area. Advertise well and think big. Bikers are attracted to large gatherings of bikers and bikes.

What can we expect?

Expect big things when doing a Biker Sunday. Not only in the numbers of bikers and bikes, but also in the changes that will take place in the biker community and in your congregation. If done properly, Biker Sunday will change the lives of both groups like no other event and create positive growth for the Kingdom. Remember the following points:

  • Not everything will go as planned, but stay positive and learn.
  • Do not be disappointed with a small turnout; these things take time to build. God does not keep score by the numbers. He is seeking each individual and one is enough to get started.
  • Expect some in the congregation to stay home on Biker Sunday. As the ministry proves itself they will come on board.
  • Expect some strange-looking people to show up and be ready to accept them unconditionally.
  • Expect the noise level to go up in the parking lot and in the sanctuary. Your traditional music may not be effective on this particular day so plan lively and appropriate music that will get people out of their seats, tapping their toes, and involved in the worship experience.

How can we have a Biker Sunday?

A Biker Sunday should be planned well in advance. Use the experience of other churches to help you to have a successful first Biker Sunday. The best way to get the feel of a Biker Sunday is to experience one. We suggest attending a well-run Biker Sunday before you jump into planning your first one. Alternatively, contact churches that have Biker Sundays and request a DVD, pictures, or some description of their event. Ask to speak to the person who organizes their Biker Sunday. This will prepare you for what can and does happen at a Biker Sunday. Some of the ministries that hold annual biker Sundays include:

What types of things should we consider for our Biker Sunday?


The music that you play at a Biker Sunday is important. If the target audience is the unchurched, local biker community, songs from the hymnal may not be effective. You want uplifting, more contemporary music. Live bands and/or special Christian artists work well, but may not be financially feasible. Seek advice and recommendations from other churches concerning what has worked well for them.


You may want to have a guest speaker to speak at your Biker Sunday. The guest speaker should be a biker and know how to reach the community with the message in a simple and easy to understand manner. For a list of Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship authorized speakers available for your events view our NMF Speakers page.


Food is a good incentive for bikers to linger longer. Include the congregation and allow the bikers and regular attendees to mingle. You will be amazed at the ministry that happens during these informal times.


A ride after the service or the meal is a good idea. Bikers like to congregate, and they live to ride. It is recommended you have a planned ride with an escort. This takes some planning and organization but is a great way to end the day and worth the time.

What will it cost?

Costs will be dependent on what types of activities you choose and will vary widely. Variables such as speakers, musicians, food, and special give away items for guests will need to be planned and budgeted. If your church approaches a Biker Sunday as a way to introduce people to Christ you will be given wisdom concerning the proper financial response.

Goal of a Biker Sunday

The goal of your Biker Sunday should be the same as any intentional outreach activity of your church. That goal is to reach people for Christ, to introduce them to the love of Christ, and to start a relationship between them and the church. With this in mind a Biker Sunday will be pleasing to the Lord and a positive approach to the great commission.


NMF has gathered people instrumental in the organization of successful motorcycle ministries within the denomination, as well as people that have been on both sides of the biker community, to assist you in developing an outreach ministry like no other. Our affiliated Biker Ministries have travelled this road already and stand ready to help you plan your first Biker Sunday or to help refine your existing ministry. We have resources available to help as you uncover this new approach to serving your community.

With patience, prayer, and a desire to “go” into your community, this can be one of the most rewarding ministries within your church and will change more than the lives of the bikers you reach, it will change the lives of your entire church.