Equipping Nazarene Motorcycle Ministries

Find resources to start a Motorcycle Ministry, organize for success, and run events to connect people to Christ through a shared love of life on two (and sometimes three) wheels.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship is to provide a clearinghouse for information pertaining to organizing, developing, and growing motorcycle ministries in local Nazarene churches. The intent of the Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship is to reach motorcycle riders and their families through lifestyle evangelism and discipleship. 

NMF oversees the Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions Project. With the support of affiliated Biker Ministries and Nazarene churches, NMF has places bikes in mission fields around the world.

Who We Are

Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship is a voluntary association within the Church of the Nazarene for all who enjoy motorcycles and desire to use this common enjoyment as a bridge to spiritual birth and growth. Our council gathers annually for NMF business and when possible at Nazarene District and General Assemblies.

NMF Bylaws

NMF Authorized Speakers

Our website contains documents and information designed to help you start, organize, and operate a successful ministry of bikers, for bikers, and to bikers. But nothing can compare to learning from those who have already travelled the road. NMF council members volunteer their time to develop these resources and we have authorized some to travel and speak at churches, biker ministries, and any organization that wants to know more. To learn about our speakers or schedule a speaking engagement, click below.

NMF Council Members

Our council is composed of members from all walks of life; pastors, educators, artists, law enforcement and more. While some members have been in church their whole life, others have come to know Jesus out of the very biker groups they now minister to. A love for Jesus, for sharing the Gospel, and for motorcycles are the ties that bind the council together. Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship and Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions are a labor of love for these individuals and they are excited to share their passion.

NMF District Representatives

NMF is actively recruiting District Representatives in for Nazarene Districts in the United States. District Representatives build relationships with local churches to provide information and resources for starting, sustaining, and growing biker ministry. District Representatives share about the NMF mission and the Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions Project at District Assembly and connect churches and biker ministries to our fundraising efforts. District Representatives are a source of information to NMF Council on the state of biker ministry in their district.

Nazarene Headquarters District Map

If you are excited about this ministry and mission and are interested in becoming a District Representative, please apply below or click to learn more.

Our Mission Field

Through Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions, Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship has placed over 175 motorcycles in the hands of pastors around the world.


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