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Learn about ways to become involved in sending motorbikes to pastors in the mission field and how these wonderful machines have impacted the spread of the gospel worldwide.

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The Rusty Bellomy Story

On a hot day in 2008, Rusty Bellomy took his 11 year old grandson on a motorcycle ride around his elementary school in Ashland Kentucky. Tragically it was his last ride. A drunk driver veered across the centerline and struck the motorcycle head on. Rusty was pronounced dead at the scene and his grandson critically injured. Rusty was a retired steelworker and a long time member of a Nazarene church in Ashland. His heart and soul were dedicated to Work & Witness projects, participating in 31 trips across the US and around the world.

In 2010 the Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship launched Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions to honor this long-time biker and turn a tragedy into a triumph. This project provides funds to buy motorcycles for pastors all over the world. Many international Pastors have no vehicle, or travel by foot from village to village through crowded city streets, unpaved roads, and winding pathways. For these pastors having a motorbike increases their ministry opportunities and makes them much more efficient.

Since 2010, bikers across the US have raised funds at their Biker Sunday Events, Charity Rides and even a Kids Bike-a-thon! As a result, over 175 motorbikes have been placed in countries in all corners of the globe. Your donations to this effort make a big impact in spreading the Gospel and making Christlike disciples in the nations.

Here’s How Our Process Works

Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions partners with Nazarene Global Missions to provide motorcycles to Approved Projects. These Approved Projects facilitate the purchase and delivery of the motorcycle to its area of service. Our areas of service include the Africa Region, Cambodia, and Tagalog. These areas change as the needs of Global Mission changes. We update this section of the NMF website as the Global Missions need changes.

You may contribute directly to the Global Missions Project for the Africa Region or pledge your support through Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions so that we can facilitate and encourage you as you support this mission. Contributions (direct or pledged) are made through the Global Missions Project on the Church of the Nazarene website by clicking the region name above or the button below.

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Your support helps pastors around the world reach remote locations and villages to share the Gospel and minister to growing congregations of believers. The cost of one motorcycle suitable for the mission field is between $2000 to $3000. Click below to pledge your donation to this mission.